As quality is our prime focus, we double our efforts to produce an outcome that is enriching, satisfying and long lasting. With the aid of our in-house lab facility, we do quality testing process such Salt spray and chemical analysis to test on corrosion. We are highly specialized in CED coating. Our CED painting is backed up the best technology available in the country and managed by professionals in the CED coating. Some of the highlights of CED coatings are:

  • It provides great resistance to rust.
  • It provides uniform coating thickness.
  • It provides flexibility in coating irregular shapes .
  • It enhances in the effective utilization of the coating material which results in reduced wastage of paint and cost effectiveness.
  • The CED coating does not sag during curing and the coat does not wash off due to hot vapors in an enclosed room.
  • The CED coating is completely environmental-friendly.


  • XRF Instrument for Thickness Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Rubbing Test
  • Impact Test
  • Water Resistant Test
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Online pH Meter
  • Plating Thickness Gauge


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